Soldier Color Process Piece
This is not as much a tutorial as just a snapshot of one way I have learned to color. By no means is it a set standard or anything because I am not near good enough to set a standard, its more of just one technique that can be if you so wish. With that in mind it if you wish to reproduce this you must have moderate knowledge of Photoshop although I am fairly sure it could be done in any number of paint programs.


I will write more when i get some extra time, no i swear i will. Till then if you have questions just drop me a line. ^_^ The second half can be seen here

Well as with most drawings you wish to color you first need some line art. Not this drawing was done slightly different from that of most of my drawings, but we will get to that soon enough. So first just pick the piece you wish to paint.

the first and only thing I do at this point is I begin to lay in flat colors. I usually use separate layers. The only real rule for what layer had what color is based on its location. Basically I set it up so that no color will touch another color on the same layer. Now I know this is a little strange but its just the way I do it and since I prefer to paint and then clean up the art it really does work best for me.

ok laid in almost all of the flat colors. You will also notice the camouflage pattern I did. They were separate layers and I just drew randomly for the time being. Don't worry about trying to figure out how to shade it at this point, just get the pattern and base colors you desire.

This was the basic shape pattern for the camouflage nothing too big here...

Now I copied the colored layers and then and filled the color in with this middle gray.

now this is where the real fun begins. Its really easy too, just start adding lights and darks to the gray to develop the shape and form of the figure.

Here I simply pushed a bit further into
the shading process. Nothing really too
complex at this point really. Just have fun with that volume. XP

I have now moved onto the legs, while this is a separate step here I actually jump around a lot after I have gotten a bit of shading down on the character.

now you just pop on multiply or color burn into the layers blending options and it will shade the color.

Mind you this is just a really simple way to do coloration at the beginning. You can go into the depth of color forever. At the time I created this process piece however this was the method I decided to test.

Now just continue to change blending options on the layers until you see get what you want. Also remember that you can go in and erase or change transparency if certain colors aren't coming out how you like. For example the face in this one is the exact same color as the uniform. While this can be correct if the makeup was just applied usually it will run slightly and have a slight skin color through the paint.

Here you can see I changed the color on the face and decided to shade the hands traditionally. It was mostly because I wasn't sure if I wanted the hands to have camo on them or not.

Now you can see I added eye color as well as began to tint the hands the color of the rest of the camouflage The rest was the exact same process as the first part. The hands have this light layer of green over them as can be seen in the final. It adds nice color along with keeping with the whole camo theme. ^^

Well here is the finished piece. Click on it to see the larger version.


now lets move to the background...

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