Tutorial: Gold Text
Hi, this is the gold text tutorial. I will assume that you have a moderate amount of knowledge in the way of photoshop. I will use alpha channels, lighting effects and multiple layers to create this text. Isn't that a nice picture. There are some good gold tutorials out there, I just like to do it this way. I used the font walrod. If the download doesn't work.It is available at 1fonts. You can use any font. It generally works better on more elaborate fonts. If it is a script font that works good. You can try it with Times or Goudy but it doesn't have the same quality.

Okay, first create a new file that is 400x400 pixels. The bigger the better. Easy huh?

Now I like to change the background to a medium brown color. R=161 G=124 B=80. Or the third brown swatch. This is to get a good feel for the gold coloring.

On to the text. Type out the word you want to be gold(script fonts look best). Make sure the color of the text is a nice bright yellow. You can do darker yellows for a darker colored gold.

Load the selection of the text layer(ctr + left click on the text layer). Then save the selection as an alpha channel. You can use the save selection button or go to selection menu/save selection. DO NOT DESELECT!!

The next parts are the most important. These are what will make or break the quality of the gold effect. Go to the channels tab and click on the Alpha 1 layer you just made.

We will now use gaussian blur on the Alpha channel. You should have the marching ants around the selection in the channel if you didn't deselect. This is a little confusing but stay with me. First blur it 10-12. Then 7, then 4 then 2 then 1. We do this to get a nice smooth blur. If your gaussian blur is too high at the beginning then the letter will look dark and flat. You really don't want that. After that invert the selection and hit delete. This is to clear of what people call the "Jaggies".

Once that is done go back to your text layer. Render the text layer. This is so we can do a lighting effect on it. Click on the picture to view how I set up my light.

Now that is done you should have something that looks similar to this.

For the gold coloring we will use a soft brown. It is R=227 G=177 B=107. This is the best color I have found to create the gold color we want. Creat a new layer above the text layer. Now load the seletion for the text layer. Fill the selected area of new layer with the brown color. Should look like this.

Now set the layer mode to color. We have an almost fineshed product. Somethings missing though. Hmmm what could it be.

A DROP SHADOW & INNER BEVEL!!! I assume you know how to use layer effects. I just used the defaut drop shadow settings. The inner bevel I set the depth to about 20 and the blur to 7. Do what you want. However you like it.

Gold ExampleGold examples click to enlarge.

I would really apreciate feedback on this tutorial. Or if you have any questions drop me a line at Ghost