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swordfish II


Welcome to ghost graphics.

Once again things have gotten away from me as of late. I haven't done a lot of finished drawing mostly just a lot of sketches and some design work. I did however want to add a lot more photos to the gallery so I have been working on a way that i can put them on my site a lot easier than having to do all of it myself since it does take awhile. I finally figured it out and even used flash to do so. ^_^ head on over to take a look

what up ya'll, Not too much been going on lately. It does suck not having internet but i guess i am slowly getting used to it. I started redesigning my site. Nothing really big but i did build this with css instead of tables. It actually went a lot faster once i figured out what i was doing. There might still be some bugs and messed up links etc. if you run across em let me know. ^_^

Ok I know I haven't updated anything in quite awhile really but I am back. ^_^ I have recently added a whole bunch of photos from Osaka, Japan (my current home) feel free to look at them here. I also added some 3D work I did awhile back and hopefully I will be adding a new drawing and my design portfolio before too long.
Jya mata ne