Ghost- the man of action
gender- male
b-day- Oct 2
located- Osaka, Japan
- teacher
grade- college grad
computer- IBook G4
fav med.- water color
fav. comp media- Painter X

my fav things
anime- cowboy bebop, trigun, se lain, escaflowne, macross (all of them), blue gender, gasaraki, jin-roh, kenshin, excel, last exile, naruto and probably thousands of others ^_^

cartoons- simpsons (fav one ever), futurama, family guy, clerks uncensored

music- tool, pink floyd, counting crows, deftones, bjork, tori amos, chevelle, apex theory, kidney theives, radiohead, taking back sunday, perfect circle, arctic monkeys, postal service, hurt, the crystal method, tenacious d, our lady peace and lots of yoko kanno stuff XD (almost named every artists cd i own)

crispy m&ms, ice tea, pizza, steak, sushi, gyros, oden, udon

stuff i do most-
drawing, watching anime, hang out with friends, play pool, listening to music, kill time playing comp games, don't forget lots o' designing