Tracker - Tracker- 11-15-03
Media-Pencil & Photoshop 6.0
holy macaroni has it been a long time since i got any art done let alone posted it. Well i finally got some time and some inspiration and actually finished this piece in pretty good time. I don't really know too much i would say about it really, i guess about the only thing i actually went for with this piece was rather sketchy lines and if you take a look at just the character alone ( i will post one a little later) you will see it holds up similiar to the background. Hmm oh yeah this is like 1 of 4 backgrounds i have done like ever so its kinda rough here and there but i think it came out alright over all. oh yeah i drew this pretty huge for me it was 20x16 @ a res of about 300 if i recall correctly. ^_^ many layers and a big file. I ended up liking it enough to make a new layout with it. ^_^